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My Areas of Expertise and Special Interest

Integrative Counselling

Counselling is a therapeutic and transformative process experienced in relationship​.  A talking therapy, Integrative Counselling weaves together different approaches, working with the whole person.  It is a process that works with the connections between the individual, their known and unknown selves, their interactions with the world, and the systems in which they live, and also with their counsellor. 

Bereavement Counselling

Loss and bereavement is something we will all experience at some time in our lives. It can be a confusing and distressing time.  Past experiences of loss can be triggered by new events.  There is much advise and guidance as to how one should be feeling and behaving, which can add stress, pressure and anxiety.  

I believe that our experience of grief is unique and that every journey is different, reflecting the circumstances of loss and the bereaved.  It is as ok to feel ok, as it is to feel not ok.  

I have many years experience working with Cruse Bereavement Care Devon.

Counselling with Older People

There is increasing research and evidence identifying an increase in mental health issues with older people. As we age we face many challenges: retirement, loss and bereavement, chronic and life changing health conditions, and perhaps a sense of time running out.


Counselling, as a talking therapy, can help unravel the confusion and uncertainty experienced, helping to restore the feeling of balance, safety and security, and thereby a sense of being and belonging.

 My Approach

I am a Registered Counsellor with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

I have a background in art, dance, social work (adult health care) and massage.  This informs my practice, alongside personal life experience of loss and bereavement, significant life challenges and transitions.

People come to me with uncertainty, scattered emotions and confusion.

My practice offers the opportunity to experience a transformative journey of discovery. I am committed to holding a safe space for you to explore and reflect upon your issues, facilitating movement towards resolution and repair. 

I support, encourage and empower self discovery. I aim to create a fertile climate for change through dialogue, incorporating creative and dynamic exercises, using metaphor and imagery.  I have found that the use of creative approaches are effective in accessing hidden trauma and discomfort. My therapeutic approach acknowledges and values your free will and choice. You will not be forced to participate in anything you do not want to.  However we might explore the thoughts and feelings that have been triggered.

My Integrative approach is person centred, creative and recognises the interconnectivity of body, mind and spirit.

My Approach
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